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Cambridge Counseling Center

Safety Program: Code of Safe Practices


Read Safety Newsletter

Cambridge Counseling Center publishes a safety newsletter annually. All employees must read this newsletter within one week of receiving this newsletter.

Safety and Risk Management Team Records Available Upon Request

Cambridge Counseling Center operates a Safety and Rik Management Team chartered to help maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Any employee may obtain a list of the Safety and Risk Management Team members or the minutes of the Safety and Risk Management meetings by asking Ramon Lynch.

Attend All Staff Meetings

All employees are required to attend All Staff Meetings Annually. These meetings are one important way that the Cambridge Counseling Center communicates important information to the employees and provides a forum where employees may discuss safety issues with management.

Additional Information

Individual supervisors of employees will provide additional information regarding emergency evacuation procedures and additional hazards or working procedures specific to the individuals work space/area.

Never begin a task until you have been fully trained on the safety requirements and your supervisor has cleared you to begin the task.

Follow all Safety Rules

All employees must work safely and follow all safety instructions and rules.

Report Unsafe Conditions or Actions

All employees must immediately report unsafe conditions, or near misses to your supervisor, The Executive Team, Ramon Lynch, the open forum at any Staff Safety Meeting, or any Safety and Risk Management team member. A near miss is an incident where a person could have been injured, however, they were not during this event.

Report All Injuries

Employees must report all injures (no matter how minor the injury might appear) to their supervisor. Arrangements can then be made for medical or first aid treatment. This includes illness or aches and pains that the employee believes to be work related and those aches/illness that do not subside normally. DO NOT disturb or clean up the scene of a serious accident (except to aid the injured person/persons or to make the area safe) until an accident investigation can be completed.

Do Not Work While Impaired

Employees shall not work while impaired by fatigue, illness, medication, or intoxicating substances such as alcohol. The use of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden.

No "Horseplay"

Horseplay is forbidden – unintended accidents or injury can occur during horseplay.

Threats, Violence, and/or Bullying is Prohibited

Violence, threats of violence, physical and/or verbal intimation, or bullying are strictly prohibited in the Cambridge Counseling Center. Employees who feel that a company employee, customer, or consumer is potentially violent must report their concerns to their supervisor, the Executive Team, Ramon Lynch, during the open forum at the Staff Safety meeting, or to any Safety and Risk Management Team member. Employees who experience violence while working, or are threatened or experience physical intimidation must report this to the supervisor immediately.

Fire Extinguishers

Do not use a fire extinguisher to fight a fire unless you are very confident the extinguisher will safely put out the fire. Instead, report fires to your supervisor and evacuate the building and summon the fire department if necessary.


Computer Ergonomics

Employees should take the time to set up their computer comfortably. The keyboard and monitor should be directly in front of the employee so work can be completed without twisting the body. The keyboard should be just below elbow height when sitting with the shoulders and arms relaxed at the sides. The top of the monitor screen should not be above eye level. If necessary, employees should raise their seats and use a footrest if their feet do not rest flat on the floor. Employees should request a split keyboard or alternative mouse if their existing equipment generates wrist or arm discomfort. Employees should arrange their workspace so there is not an excessive glare from lights or windows on the screen monitor.

Follow Security Procedures

Employees must strictly follow all security procedures. Report any security lapses to your supervisor immediately.

In the Event of a Violent Situation

Remain calm and polite to the violent person. Hand over any monies or items requested. Do nothing to provoke or delay the violent person from leaving the premises. If the person becomes violent or seeks to move victims to another location, the risk of injury increases. In this circumstance, your intuition can help you decide your best course of action which could include running away. Pressing your "panic button" when in proximity is advisable.

Report Problems with Clients

Report any problems, threats, or violent behavior to your supervisor, even if the problem is just a feeling that a client might be potentially dangerous. Be especially alert for changes in a repeat client’s behavior patterns. Discuss any problems or concerns with your supervisor and take the necessary precautions.

Drive Safely

Always wear seatbelts when driving or riding in a vehicle. Ensure everyone else in the vehicle is also wearing a seatbelt.

Leave plenty of time to arrive at your destination without being hurried.

Avoid aggressive driving, and do not engage with another driver exhibiting aggressive behaviors.


Be mindful of your surroundings at all times, keeping your eyes constantly moving up and down the road, to the sides of the vehicle, and to the rear view mirror. Be aware of your vehicles blind spots. Try to maintain a safe cushion of distance around your vehicle – allowing space to move into if needed. Stay at least three seconds behind the vehicle in front of your vehicle.


Use turn signals and follow all speed limit signs posted.


Respect the weather, and be aware that reaction time and general driving skills deteriorate with fatigue.


Under no circumstance drink alcohol or drive with medication that can affect good judgement.


Do not Text and drive.


Maintain the safety of your vehicle through regular checkups to include tires.

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